A cornerstone of a Wilkes University education is cutting-edge research, and that extends to professionals who are already working in the field.

Wilkes offers three in-demand certificate programs designed especially for working professionals looking to expand their expertise and differentiate themselves in the job market.

The just-announced cannabis production and CBD extraction certificate is designed for those seeking to further their education in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

As the cannabis and hemp market grows, so does the need for qualified professionals to fill a variety of positions. With this certificate, students will learn CBD extraction and hemp-growing techniques to properly and safely meet public demand and enhance their career potential.

The 16-credit hybrid-format program is taught by doctoral-level members of the Wilkes faculty from the pharmacy, biology and chemistry disciplines to provide a broad perspective on analytical methods for cannabis-derived compounds.

The courses in the certificate span the subjects of cannabis law, hemp biology and physiology, cannabinoids, CBD analysis, therapeutics and more.

The geographic information science certificate is for those who are looking to gain professional knowledge in geographic positioning systems, geospatial data analytics, remote sensing and cartography to solve real-world geospatial problems.

This is a 15-credit hybrid program that provides hands-on learning on advanced equipment including GPS units, drones, the Wilkes WARLOC supercomputer and GigaPan photography.

Students will also work one-on-one with the professor on a unique GIS capstone project that can be added to a portfolio as experience. A bachelor’s degree is not required for this certificate, but those with degrees can take the advanced track.

The sustainability management certificate is a program that trains students in environmental sustainability standards and management practices.

Sustainable practices and social responsibility are growing priorities for businesses nationwide, and the smart management of natural resources that results in both efficiency and profitability is highly sought-after by organizations.

This certificate is appropriate for people with educational and professional backgrounds including education, health care, commercial real estate, manufacturing, nonprofits and government.

The Sustainability Management Certificate is completely online, and consists of four 3-credit courses held in 12-week sessions that prepare students in sustainability standards and management practices.

Wilkes is a proud education partner of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, and students who complete this certificate will be prepared to sit for the ISSP exam.

Find out about these certificate programs, and all of the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral offerings, at wilkes.edu.

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