Name: Rachel A. Pugh Blanchard

Age: 43

Title: Digital Marketing & Benco Products Manager

Company: Benco Dental

Address: Bear Creek, PA

Success is not measured by who you are. It is measured by what you do, so do good things,” was the advice given to Rachel A. Pugh Blanchard from her father before she set out on her career path. “I live by that – I just want to do good things in my life and for other people. That to me, is success,” explained the digital marketing and products manager at Benco Dental.

Pugh-Blanchard manages the digital marketing efforts and loyalty programs with a team of associates, making sure their products are relevant, interactive, trackable, searchable and help brand the company and its culture and services in a positive way, and helps customers experience Benco’s value beyond the immediate sale and help create promotions that appeal to client base and potential new members.

Graduating from Penn State University with a degree in communications, she learned much of her field working for a newspaper. “I loved interacting with the community, and felt it was my job to showcase what our great area has to offer. I feel that is still my job, but rather showcasing Benco’s products and services instead. I try to always put my team and my company’s needs first, not my own agenda,” she adds.

Her parents, Tom and Christine Pugh, have been her greatest mentors. Her parents instilled humility and compassion in her and she is where she is today largely due to them.

While not taking herself too seriously she says, “I feel there are a lot of terrible things that happen in the world. A lot of it which we have no control over, and that is the real stuff to stress out, not the spilled milk scenarios we often face,” she noted.

She is grateful to the entire whole Pugh family, including her parents, sisters, Jennifer and Sarah Pugh, and brother, Matthew, and also her husband and extended family. “I’m a dreamer, which I’m sure my very practical family just loved about me growing up. But they are my biggest cheerleaders.”

She was named Top 10 Business Women of Luzerne County in 2012 by the American Heart Association, and her entire family received the Distinguished Community Achievement Award in 2015 by the Northeast Sight Services. She sits on the board for Cori’s Place, and is a team leader for the Northeast PA’S Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides in honor of her cousin, Paige Ceaser. She has written two children’s books, one for Cori’s Place and one for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, donating 100% of book sales to the organizations.

She is part of the Bear Creek Grace Chapel Guild and a member of the Muhlenburg United Methodist Church, and sits on the missions committee. For fun, she loves antiquing and visiting towns or communities in the state that she has never visited.

She and her husband, Damien, recently moved to Bear Creek and enjoy its natural beauty, amazing neighbors and community in their 1890s home with their six cats.

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