Megan Millo, owner of the Woodhouse Day Spa in Kingston, believes everything happens for a reason.

"Let us face it, life can be hard," she said. "Maintaining a positive attitude is essential to succeeding. Even when you don't quite understand the reason, you have to remember that life is collection of decisions and priorities."

As the spa owner, she is involved in every aspect while allowing her team to do what they do best. From greeting guests and assisting them with products and managing the team, she can also be found crunching numbers, focusing on marketing, products/services and strategically planning how to get to the next level.

Because people have mentored and guided her along her path, she feels it important to pay it forward in her life as well. She is a great supporter of causes within the community and has ran in countless half-marathons and other races for numerous charities and organizations. She belongs to the area's chambers of commerce, served on the board of the Pittston Chamber of Commerce, has been a member of the member development committee at the Westmoreland Club and has served on committees at Northeast Sight Services throughout the years.

Previously employed at Ken Pollock Enterprises, she spearheaded a medical marijuana application project and studied medical cannabis while authoring a weekly column in the Daily Item in Central Pennsylvania. She was a speaker at the Northeast Women's Empower conference and continues to be active at Penn State University serving on the advisory board and participating in other activities.

Always unable to sit still, she began taking side jobs at age 13 and hasn't stopped since. While at Penn State, Millo took on leadership roles, became president of the Business Club, and was also eager to help other students succeed as a peer mentor and tutor. She organized food drives and business etiquette dinners all while making connections and nurturing relationships which opened a lot of doors for her.

The young woman believes she is successful because successful people don't subscribe to instant gratification.

"You have to be able to dream, focus, and hold onto the things that are most important to you and be okay with the fact that you might not achieve them in the near future," she said.

Millo's parents have always been her greatest cheerleaders, and she has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by many important people who shaped her into the fearless leader she is today.

Recently, her spa was selected as the Spa of the Month for a national trade magazine. The Woodhouse Day Spa was also recognized as America's Favorite Spa by American Spa Magazine in the fall of 2019.

She is a Penn State University Walker award recipient, John R. Murphy award for Excellence in Leadership and Service nominee, Martin U. Dougherty Emerging Leader award nominee, and an Evan Pugh Scholar award recipient.

"Besides acquiring the spa, one of my proudest accomplishments is becoming valedictorian and student marshal of my graduating class, and, now, a Top 25 Women in Business honoree," she added.

"Never take yourself too seriously," she concluded. "It's so important to remember to have fun; to never be afraid to show people that you're a little human too, and to make time for things that are most important to you."

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