TOP 25 WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Mary Walsh Dempsey

Mary Walsh Dempsey lives by the golden rule and treats others as she wishes to be treated. As a lawyer of 29 years and an active member of the community, her philosophy has been this:

"I do not ever want to stop being a good person because of bad people."

As an attorney at Ufberg & Associates in Scranton, she is involved in the litigation of matters in state and federal court from start to finish including written pleadings, discovery, oral arguments, depositions, motions and trials for public and private sector clients. Dempsey considers the practice of law to be a "calling" to serve others and deems it a privilege each time a client selects her as his or her lawyer.

Due to the nature of her practice, many of her clients are long-term ones and have grown to become dear friends, making it a pleasure to work with them.

She is the president of the Lackawanna County Bar Association – only the sixth female to be elected in the past 69 years. She is excited to help celebrate the 130th anniversary of the association as well as the 50th anniversary of the Red Mass, as Bar president.

"Attorneys give back in so many ways to their communities, and I hope to highlight this generosity of time and spirit during the course of this year," she said.

She is active with the Green Ridge Neighborhood Association and recently assisted in a grassroots neighborhood campaign to protect the neighborhood. She is also co-chair of the United Way Campaign Attorney Division and is active with St. Paul's Church serving as a eucharistic minister. She is a volunteer attorney for Lackawanna Pro Bono and a former member of its board of directors. She recently served as a councilwoman for five months on Scranton City Council.

Dempsey is a graduate of Scranton Preparatory School and the University of Scranton. She then attained her law degree from the Dickinson School of Law and was immediately hired at O'Malley & Langan, Scranton, where she worked for 21 years, before going to work at Ufberg & Associates eight years ago.

Her legal mentors have been Todd J. O'Malley and Bob Ufberg, who always championed her and mentored her in the ever-evolving practice of law. Both O'Malley and Ufberg supported her as single mom working full-time by providing flexible working arrangements for which Dempsey said she is deeply grateful, noting that "they always trusted me to complete my work, but many times my work had to be finalized on my schedule and around family obligations."

Dempsey has been blessed with family, friends and co-workers who have always supported her unconditionally and rallied around her, her three children (Jamie, Abigail and Clare Dempsey), and her niece (Dorothy Walsh), after the sudden loss of her husband 10 years ago.

Dempsey attributes her success to hard work, determination, compassion and resiliency.

"I always try to treat others with dignity, kindness and respect even in adversarial legal proceedings," she said. "I really do care about other people. I think that my compassion and empathy come through loud and clear in my law practice and in the way I interact with my clients, the judiciary and others."

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