Laura Jeffrey believes in staying true to herself and always listening to her intuition. These qualities have helped lead her to the success she has found in her life and in her career as the senior director of human resources at EDM Americas.

"I believe I am where I am today because of hard work and learning from every situation or role I have been exposed to," she said. "I always want to challenge myself and continuously evolve as a professional."

Responsible for developing and implementing the people strategy, her goal is to ensure the human needs of the business are met and aligned with strategic objectives. She is focused on training and development opportunities, recruitment, benefits, health and safety and employee relations.

"Working for an employer that sees the benefit of a strong HR function pushes me to perform at my best every day," she said.

In her role as head of HR for the U.S. business, she is responsible for championing the employee engagement committee which includes community outreach. Every month, the staff raises funds for an employee-selected local charity in the region.

Jeffrey serves as a board member for Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

She is a proud graduate of King's College and says she received a solid educational foundation and was workforce-ready to pursue opportunities as a new graduate. King's is where she continues to turn for new interns, and she is never disappointed.

Jeffrey's mentors have been Susan Hosage, an HR powerhouse and a longtime friend; and Sherri Miletta-Coombs, who oversees all U.S. operations at EDM.

"I have built a close circle of people around me who are positive, dedicated and talented," she said. "Moving through life with like-minded people you can trust is key to success and growth. I also have the privilege of leading a hardworking HR team – Doreen and Ashley – who bring their best every day. I couldn't do it without their talents and dedication."

Her parents, the most kind and genuine people she knows, have instilled values of integrity and commitment, proving there is no easy way other than through hard work. Her husband, Sean, has had a huge professional influence. She admires his beautifully simple approach to work and life in a way that generates harmony. He and her son, Luke, fill her life with love and pure joy.

Jeffrey is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management and attained the Senior Certified Professional designation. She completed the OneEDM Leadership Development program held in the United Kingdom in 2019.

"I am proud to live and work in Northeastern Pa.," she said. "I have been mentored by incredible professionals who made time to coach, critique and encourage me."

She urges those who have the opportunity to mentor a younger professional to pay it forward, be compassionate and share experiences. Challenge the next generation of workforce as they grow.

"Believe it when others tell you you're ready for the next step or that you have the knowledge to dive into that challenging project," she concluded. "Sometimes others can see things that we cannot immediately see in ourselves, so take the leap. If you want different, you have to move different."

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