Tony Bartocci is not afraid to shake things up.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got,” is the philosophy he lives his life by.

As the president of Posture Interactive, Scranton, he wears many hats. The business is a digital agency specializing in custom website development, branding and design and effective storytelling through video production. “My responsibility is making sure the team is providing a true solution to our client partners. We do all this with a growing local team of currently 15 based here in Pennsylvania,” he explained.

Having grown up in the radio industry at the Froggy 101 / 98.5KRZ station, he began at the age of 15 working overnights and helping to promote concerts. His Froggy on-air name was T-Bone, and on KRZ he worked with Jumpin Jeff Walker as Mister Manley. For almost 15 years he held various roles from morning show host, promotions director, digital director to sales manager. “During that time, I had always encountered local businesses struggling with a solid web/digital strategy and a more formal solution grew from there,” he explained. Having left his career in radio, he began Posture with two partners nearly 10 years ago. “Posture evolved from that need and now we help client partners from all over the country,” he continued.

Bartocci graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in information management and technology.

Bartocci’s first radio supervisor, Michael Krinik, was one of his first mentors. “He taught me to forever think big, even when the odds are against you,” he noted. A second mentor, Peter Rothfuss, instilled faith in the young man and taught him to have a good moral compass and to trust the process. His business mentor has been Don Webster, a selfless advocate for Bartocci’s business and the entire region.

The company president surrounds himself with people much smarter than himself, he laughs, and are always challenging the norm.

He is grateful for the support of his boyfriend of almost 15 years, Michael, who also runs a successful business in downtown Scranton. “He has been a solid sounding board,” he notes. The entrepreneur notes he is also blessed with great parents and a brother and sister he adores. “They have all patiently put up with me and supported me as Posture has evolved,” he added.

“I love our area! We believe in our region and know others will love it if given the proper introduction,” said Bartocci. He and a friend recently purchased a commercial building in downtown Scranton and have begun the rehabilitation process, also because they believe in the area.

Bartocci embraces the opportunity to work with area non-profit organizations and to help them realize all the good they do for the region. “As such, we have made it a focus — using our Posture team as a vehicle, that we’re involved in a variety of organizations,” he said. Each year Posture provides over 600 hours of in-kind support or volunteer time to over 30 area organizations, including Scranton Area Community Foundation, Neighborworks, Valley In Motion, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge, Everhart Museum, Broadway Theater League and more.

In his spare time, Bartocci enjoys cycling up and down the river trail from Scranton to Carbondale.

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