Name: Tiffany Jaskulski

Age: 34

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: The Wright Center for Community Health

Address: 501 South Washington Avenue, Scranton

Tiffany Jaskulski never set out on a path for success or money. Instead, making an honest living to support her family was more important to her.

Every day, the chief operating officer is inspired to serve as an executive leader at The Wright Center for Community Health, which has maintained the front lines of primary care in Northeast Pennsylvania for decades, including during a global pandemic.

“This past year has presented both challenges and opportunities we never anticipated, but through it all, The Wright Center’s more than 650 employees and 250 physician learners have held strong, striving for excellence as we serve communities in NEPA and across the nation. I’m proud to be part of the work we collectively do providing care for everyone, especially the most vulnerable and underserved,” Jaskulski said.

As COO, she is responsible for the direct and indirect oversight of more than 120 employees as well as all practices throughout Lackawanna, Luzerne and Wayne counties.

The part of her job she feels most passionate about is leading conversations with area agencies and organizations that share the center’s mission to increase access to top-quality primary healthcare for vulnerable populations in communities, and she also tirelessly advocates for interoperability of health information in real time.

Jaskulski earned her degree in health service administration from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania and began her career in an inpatient setting, which was an eye-opening experience, she said. Her early experience pushed her to find a role in which she could impact the community and future generations.

“The minute I stepped foot into The Wright Center, I just knew that I had found a hidden gem in NEPA. The doctors here are cutting-edge and have grand visions for the expansion of both primary care services and medical residency programs that are shaping the future of healthcare locally and nationally,” Jaskulski said.

“Through hard work, I gained the respect and trust of those around me, and I was truly honored with the opportunity to become a young executive and serve as a role model for other young professionals in my community,” she added.

Jaskulski’s mentors have included top-tier physician leaders Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak, President/CEO of The Wright Center, and Dr. Jignesh Sheth, Wright Center Chief Medical Officer.

“I am very grateful for the time and energy they both continue to commit to my development, and the way they always push me to achieve 110%,” Jaskulski said.

When she needs to center herself mentally during stressful times, Jasulski reminds herself that “Everything happens for a reason,” a philosophy that allows her to think clearly and get straight to the facts.

Accepting an executive position in healthcare at 34 years old — with a husband and two children under the age of four at home — came with many unforeseen and unanticipated challenges, she admitted. But through it all, Jaskulski feels blessed to have a wonderful support network of family and friends who have always believed in her.

“I can wholeheartedly acknowledge I could never have survived my first year as COO during a pandemic without the support of my wonderful husband, Charles,” she said. “When I’m going too fast, he grounds me. Finding that work/home life balance that my family needs can be an impossible challenge at times, but I’m extremely grateful for his patience and commitment to our family.”

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