Stephanie Belcher believes everything happens for a reason and that she is right where she is supposed to be. “I love the life I live,” she admits, and spends every day shows respect to others and is living her best life.

As the activities director in training and a CNA at Aventura at Creekside, part of her daily responsibilities include making sure everyone is happy, safe, and content doing what they enjoy to do for that day. She also creates the monthly activity schedule for residents based upon their individual and group preferences.

While Covid-19 created hurdles in the facility with the many regulations and rules that had to be set, the staff stepped up and made it safe. “I would be their entertainment dressing up for special occasions, dancing, telling jokes, Karaoke, taking pictures and making memories,” she explains.

Active in the community she has been a member of the Clifford Twp. Ladies Auxiliary; vice-president of the Fancy Feather’s 4-H Club; enjoyed chorus and band, dancing, cheerleading, soccer, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, and is an animal enthusiast. She volunteered at Swetland Game farms raising baby white tail deer and use them for petting and educational purposes at local fairs each summer. She also worked at the Viewmont Mall for the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

“I believe if you take every life experience you are given and make it a life lesson it helps you grow as a person. I feel that every challenge I have been through has brought me to where I am today. I have conquered being homeless, being without a vehicle on more than one occasion and addiction. So, every morning I wake up I feel fortunate and am grateful to just be alive,” said Belcher.

The young woman attended Mt. View School District and virtual school, and received her certification for nursing assistant before she graduated high school.

Her greatest mentor has been Holly Roman, activity director at Carbondale Nursing and Rehabilitation. “Without Holly I would not be where I am today. She is an inspiration in many ways,” admits Belcher. She is also thankful for the IT team at Aventura, making many things possible for the residents; Brenda Conlon, in admissions/ marketing; and Amy McCarthy, business office manager.

She believes in perseverance and positivity and always pushes herself each day to wake up and try to do better than she did yesterday.

Her grandparents have been great role models in her life. Her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s and her grandfather, a double amputee at the end of his life, taught her so much about the drive and will to persevere, and laid the ground work for her nursing career pursuits. “So instead of being sad that my grandparents were gone I decided to shift my train of thought into honoring my grandparents by always doing the right thing for my residents. I go above and beyond for them in memory of my grandparents and treat every resident with genuine dignity and respect. I truly care for my residents as if were my own family, because they are my family,” she added.

Her husband, Scott Krupovich, and all her children keep her busy and she would not know what to do without the chaos of juggling their large family,” she concluded.

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