Name: Sherrie L Miller

Age: 53

Title: Broker of Record Keller Williams Real Estate

Company: Keller Williams Real Estate

Address: 749 Northern Blvd Suite A, South Abington


Sherrie L. Miller works hard and has dreams she works toward each and every day. “It is a must I write down my short and long term goals,” she explains, and works diligently and consistently to make her dreams come true.

As a broker of record at Keller Williams Real Estate, she presents contract and compliance classes to all of the agents in her company. She supervises over 85 agents and their sales and also sells real estate. In addition, Miller solves problems with sales and has regular meetings with Keller Williams brokers to stay on top of the latest trends and risk reduction.

Miller learned early in her life and career to work for what she wanted in life, and that included working many evening hours and weekends in addition to weekday hours. “I wanted to be sure I learned as much as possible about the business so I decided to pursue my broker’s license early in my career,” she explains and holds her broker and appraiser license. Through the years, she continues to take classes to be on the cutting edge in the industry and to benefit her agents as well.

Her mentor has been Donna LaBar who for many years has taught Miller so much about business, life and health. “She continues to be someone I truly admire and go to for advice,” she notes. She also is grateful for the mentorship of Linda Vonderhey who inspired her early in her career and urged her to not worry over things out of her control.

Dedicated to her profession she is quick to respond to her clients. “I work hours when others are available and just love the career I am in,” she added.

Her father inspired her to go into the field of real estate, and her mother would help by pointing out properties for sale in the local newspapers. “My parents were my number one cheerleaders,” she admits. She also has great support from her sisters, daughter and her husband who helps with family and household chores and school work.

She is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors District 5 where she is vice-president, and is the treasurer/secretary of the Greater Scranton Board of Realtors and served as past president and past chair of the multiple listing service committee there. Miller has received several sales production awards through her career including relocation certificates, quality service awards and is a Dale Carnegie graduate.

Compassionate in her care for the elderly, she and her husband perform snow removal on vehicles at a nearby senior citizen apartments so seniors do not have to brave the weather to clean off their cars. She also cares for her 98-year- old father. She is a member of the Lake Ariel United Methodist Church

“Take time for yourself even if it means waking up when you can get that time to set your day, focus and be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life. Work hard and have goals and be kind to others. Find a person or two that are less fortunate to help in some way through volunteer, a visit or whatever you can do. It truly brings happiness,” Miller concludes.

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