Sara Crolick infuses kindness in all aspects of her life.

A personal guiding principle, she believes kindness is the most important thing to carry with you.

“It is a philosophy I try to live by and instill in my children. Leveraging kindness and being a strong, driven professional do not have to be mutually exclusive—there is so much spaciousness for both,” she said.

As the COO of studio BE, she works alongside CEO Jennifer Ciarimboli to ensure the studio BE team, teachers, and clients are as supported and empowered as possible, maintaining constant communications with their team.

“We focus on staying open and connected at studio BE—an essential component to the company culture we have established and something I’m deeply proud to have helped cultivate,” Crolick said .

On a micro-level, the businesswoman manages day-to-day operations including finances, meetings, account management, and more.

As a mother to three boys ages 15, 11, and three, she is active volunteering in their schools and extracurricular activities.

Crolick graduated with an English degree from Wilkes University. “This was a period of adventure, growth, and mistake-making that taught me about adaptation and resilience,” she noted.

The decision to move back home to NEPA came after completing her freshman year at the University of Colorado so she could continue her education and raise her son closer to family, especially her best friend, her mom.

“I always believed my academic path would lead me to graduate school as I wanted to write and teach—instead, I found my way into editing and management. This skill set led me to an opportunity with Denver-based startup, MeetMindful. MeetMindful gave me my first glimpse into the startup world and what it takes to build and sustain a tech business,” she said.

Since her time at studio BE, her uncle, Robert Ciaruffoli, has been incredibly generous with his mentorship and supports her through the awkward learnings that come along with professional growth.

Her husband, Josch, has been proud beyond measure of each and every milestone; who is tolerant of the relentless hours required to build a business from the ground up; and who has been a source of unwavering support when things inevitably get challenging.

The couple has three boys, a constant reminder to Crolick of why she does what she does: so this world can be a brighter place for them to live.

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