Richard J. Cipoletti agrees with his brother Anthony that their philosophy to treat everyone like family is one of the reasons that their company, CIP Rehabilitation, has achieved such success.

As a managing partner at CIP, Cipoletti explains that he wants it to be a place where people love to work, where patients are excited to go for therapy; where patients and therapists actually see positive results that improve their quality of life- the most rewarding result of all. “We believe in treating the whole person, getting to know the person, and not just treating them as a therapy patient,” he added.

CIP Rehabilitation Inc. provides a plethora of services to all the communities in which it serves including physical, occupational, speech and pelvic floor therapy. Other ancillary services also provided are health screens; senior fit clubs; entertainment; adaptive medical equipment fitting and training; fitness programs; home modifications and adaptations available in 25 assisted living facilities/personal care homes and senior apartments in NEPA, as well as in individual patients’ homes and two brick and mortar outpatient clinics.

The company participates in and sponsors in several charitable events, including the suicide awareness walk; the Alzheimer’s Association; Market on the Pond in Dallas; Hoyt Library fall festival, senior network alliance meetings, and multiple career fairs at local colleges and educational in-services.

As the owner of the company, his responsibilities are vast including those of a therapist; in business acquisition, networking, and building professional business relationships, and building the company’s brand as well as the policies and procedures which govern the company’s daily operations.

Cipoletti attended the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, with a bachelor’s degree in health science and a doctorate in physical therapy. He approached his first outpatient physical assignments with the guiding principle “I made sure what I lacked in experience, I made up for in effort, a willingness to learn, and making sure I treated patients as I would a family member – with dignity, respect, and of course humor.”

His parents were important mentors in his life. “They were role models on how to be good parents and good people. They stressed that hard work pays off and to try your best,” he said.

Both brothers are willing to fill any role that needs to be filled in the company because it is necessary to keep things running smoothly. “We are open to constructive criticism and always eager to better ourselves and the company,” noted Cipoletti. The partners in business invest back into the company because the goal is long-term success. “We feel that we have built a super team of therapists, and office personal. We consider each staff member a teammate, because that’s how we look at them,” he adds.

In four fast-paced years, CIP rehab has expanded from the two brothers in three buildings to 32 full and part-time employees in 25 facilities across six counties and two clinic locations. All the while, experiencing active growth without sacrificing the family feel.

The CIP rehab name is based on a childhood nickname, taken from the first three letters of Cipoletti, that goes back generations. They then took the nickname and transformed it into the following acronym with C standing for Community; I for Independence; and P for performance. “These are three concepts in which we strive for excellence on a daily basis and which drive our vision for the future,” noted Cipoletti.

Blessed with a great family, extended family and family that he married into, they have all provided staunch support especially when he and his brother took the leap of faith into starting the company. His wife, Sarah, has always been in his corner, and has always provided him inspiration and motivation to reach his goals. She is always willing to provide him with feedback to all his ideas, no matter how big or small! Rich resides in the back mountain with his son, Richie, his daughter Libby, and their dog Buddy.

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