Owen Worozbyt lives his life to the fullest. “I have built a family and career that brings me happiness. When you enjoy what you do every day both at home and at work, then you never feel like you’re going to ‘just a job’,” he explains.

As the manager of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, he works with many of the communities in the Lackawanna Valley to help provide a recreational space for the area. “This improves the well-being of everyone in our community by having safe and clean access to exercise and enjoy nature,” he notes.

Trail projects can take several years from the acquisition of land, through designing the trail, and finally constructing new trail segments. Worozbyt works very closely with state and local government officials to see the projects through from start to finish. He actively engages dozens of volunteer events along the trail throughout the year to help complete smaller tasks, such as tree plantings, litter cleanups, or other maintenance activities. “The volunteers are a great resource that I appreciate and do not take for granted as it is something that only a tight-knit community like ours could offer,” he acknowledges.

After graduating from East Stroudsburg University, the young man went to work with the National Park Service seasonally as an Interpretive Ranger. After finishing a season at Acadia National Park, he returned to Dunmore and began applying to the Park Service for jobs all over the county. As yet still unemployed, he began doing some volunteer work and signed up for a scheduled trail cleanup with the LHVA. He was later offered a position as the volunteer coordinator with LHVA and has been there the past decade.

Encouraged to enjoy outdoor activities by his father led to his love of being outdoors, which brought him to this career. His mom helped him understand that working on something you are passionate about is an important part of success.

The young man enjoys pushing forward and actively participating in the clean-ups, maintenance, and growth of local beautiful trails. “The area and trails are a personal love of mine. I know that if I’m motivated and putting in the effort to improve these recreational areas then others will follow,” he added.

His wife, Sara, is a great source of support for him and has given him the opportunity to follow his pursuits. The couple has two sons, Owen and Luke, and are expecting another baby boy in January. “Both boys love working with me on the trail during clean-ups, too. The trail gives us more than my job, but a place to take family walks or bike rides to extend the love of the outdoors to our children,” he said.

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