Maximilian Peters is always chasing the next goal but also realizes you have to stop and smell the roses on the way.

“Life is what is happening while you are busy making other plans, so take the trip, celebrate the little victories, call the people who are important to you,” recommends the entrepreneur and attorney.

His first business venture was as a full-time student, and after purchasing one old Dodge pick-up truck, he began his own seal coating company, hired others and acquired additional vehicles and equipment.

During the off-season, he utilized the equipment for a winter snow plowing business.

He earned a commercial driver’s license at 18 and used it to earn funds during school, and continues today as a certified heavy-duty truck and equipment operator.

During those same younger years, he also became intricately involved in the heavy-duty truck parts business, working with export markets around the world.

Peters also created MaxLube, a one of a kind, “green” oil changing facility being paperless, oil contained in recyclable specially designed/ manufactured cardboard recycled used oil to heat the facility.

MaxLube was featured on two news shows for its innovatively “green” approach to an otherwise dirty process. Concurrently, he ran a car wash on the same property with recycled water from each wash, and heat used from used oil next door.

The entrepreneur entered a county-wide election as a candidate for the Government Study Commission.

He has created and built a cigar manufacturing business wherein he spent time extensively in the U.S. and Dominican Republic learning the soil, tobacco growing, aging, blending and rolling his own blends which are now distributed widely under the brand, Maximilian Cigars, including one named for his grandfather.

At Maximilian Industries, 10AK Legal, and Maximilian Cigars his responsibilities range from the high-level strategic decisions of a company of his own and his clients, to being the laborer in the ditch when needed, or the salesman in the cigar shop

Peters was blessed to have amazing parents who in their own distinct ways showed him the ways of the world. “Everyone’s opportunity comes in different shapes and sizes, but there is NO substitute for hard work. Every day, every opportunity is what you make of it,” he said.

The attorney graduated Central Dauphin East Senior High School; the University of Scranton with a bachelor of science in business administration; and Widener Law School with a Juris Doctor.

Peters attributes his present-day success to hard work and possessing the ability to identify opportunity. “Perhaps the most important characteristic of successful people in my opinion is identifying opportunities. Opportunity usually does not come wrapped in a silver bow. You have to know how to spot it as a seedling. Once it’s in full bloom you are probably too late,” he explains.

He was awarded the Scranton Chamber of Commerce “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”; the environmental law award during law school; is vice-president of the Scranton Club and St. Ann Maronite church. He is a member of the Union League of Philadelphia, the National Youth Leadership conference; competed in a business competition in Dubai where he was offered a full MBA scholarship to the American University of the Emirates.

“I’m the kind of person who believes the real measure of helping is what you do when no one is looking. I have always felt I can do far more helping people on an individual basis and doing so quietly, than sitting on numerous boards and attending fancy parties,” concluded Peters.

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