While many doors have opened for Maura Smith and provided opportunities for which she is grateful, she also knows that hard work, determination and drive have helped propel her to where she is today.

As the Chief Marketing Officer for Partnerize, which provides partnership automation software, Smith’s primary responsibility is to appropriately position and communicate how the company’s solutions enable marketers to achieve the outcomes they desire.

“In the Martech space, software is proliferent. Therefore, in a sea of software options, relevancy is critically important in appealing to marketers. So, my role is to try and help them understand how our solution will help them reach their target audience, at scale, while saving time and managing cost accordingly,” she explains.

Not unlike the marketers themselves, Smith believes it is paramount that she and her marketing team ensure their brand is in front of its target audience, reaching them in the destinations they frequent, and communicating the value of a solution to them.

“Our organization is global, operating in various parts of the U.S., the U.K, Australia and Japan. With that comes the need to ensure we are present on a global scale, running marketing programs for our brand across publications, tradeshows, events and digital channels to meet our audience where they are,” she noted.

Perhaps considered a unique scenario these days the business woman began her career at Pepperjam after completing her undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Delaware.

A few years into the workforce, she secured a master’s degree from the University of Scranton, while working full time. In the last decade, Pepperjam navigated a series of acquisitions and divestitures, each time the company evolving and providing growth opportunities for the young woman throughout. In 2020, Pepperjam was acquired by Partnerize, and shortly thereafter she was appointed as the CMO to oversee global marketing strategy and execution.

Throughout Smith’s career she has been afforded the opportunity to work with some amazing people, managers, colleagues and peers.

“From those relationships and interactions, I have accumulated knowledge, experiences and perspective that have been invaluable to me,” she noted. The one constant force that has provided mentorship on many levels throughout the entirety of her life has been her mother.” As a single, working mother of two young children, she is the epitome of independence, work ethic and drive, values that have been instilled in me from a very young age. And of course, despite the adversities she faced throughout her own life, she still managed to do so with grace and poise,” she pointed out.

The entrepreneur has received tremendous support from her husband, mother, in-laws, aunt and extended family especially throughout the pandemic.

“It has not been easy raising young children during a global pandemic while working full time — it requires a village! And though it can be challenging at times, I know my children see how hard I work and perhaps, on occasion, admire it,” she noted.

As a Forty Fort native, serving as an active member of the community is important to her. She serves on the board of directors for the Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce, Performance Marketing Association and the Victim’s Resource Center. She has previously volunteered for the United Way Day of Giving and the Back Mountain Youth Soccer Association.

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