Matthew Aniska believes in the philosophy “It’s not who you are underneath; it’s what you do that defines you.”

This mantra has served him well as he is a successful real estate developer, real estate broker, and insurance broker. He is the founder of Nisk Designs, Nisk Real Estate, and Nisk Insurance.

Aniska is responsible for designing and redeveloping residential and commercial real estate. “Using a minimal and efficient approach, the goal of Nisk Designs is to beautify Northeast Pennsylvania through the use of architecture and design,” he explains. As a real estate broker in South Florida, many of his designs are inspired from the modern-minimalist vibe experienced in luxury Miami real estate; he brings these designs and inspirations to the small towns surrounding Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.

The entrepreneur’s journey to become a real estate designer, developer, and broker began in Northeast Pennsylvania. Originally licensed in 2015, he began selling homes and investing in Lackawanna County. Joining D&D Realty, and working alongside one of his mentors, Casey Donahue, stands to be one of his most important business decisions to date, he notes. “Working with Casey instilled the ability to accomplish my investment goals and give back to my home community,” he added.

A few years later, after moving to Miami, the next stepping stone was working alongside another mentor, Chad Carroll, the broker from Bravo TV show “Million Dollar Listing Miami.” “I was welcomed to his team which became my introduction to ultra-luxury real estate in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Working alongside Chad was something I envisioned since I started in the real estate industry. Grateful for the opportunity, I’ve since integrated what was learned in Pennsylvania and Florida to start Nisk Real Estate, a boutique brokerage based out of the Miami Association of Realtors,” he added.

While South Florida possesses some of the greatest architects and designers in the world, working alongside these individuals has been a humbling experience. “The designs and businesses I’m involved in today would be nothing without these people. The opportunities to learn from experts has enabled me to contribute back to my home community in ways I never could before,” said the young businessman.

The support system of his parents has allowed him to take risks, fail, learn, and get back up. “My father always questioned me, which in retrospect, is what forced me to solidify a plan forward which would have the greatest chance of success — his questioning proved useful as a mental exercise in business and in life,” said Aniska, “They never gave up on me or my ideas.” His mother who passed earlier this year, he believes, would be happy to see how fruitful the past years of struggling have become.

Aniska spends his free time listening to podcasts, running marathons, and practicing jiu jitsu.

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