Marywood University recently donated supplies to area medical organizations.

As hospitals, doctors and other medical providers combat COVID-19, they are also struggling with their supply of the necessary protective equipment in order to safely care for those who are ill. Marywood University is trying to reduce medical staffs’ anxiety about not being properly equipped by donating its supplies of vital medical equipment to local hospitals and other medical organizations.

“The representatives from Marywood Heights, Moses Taylor, Regional and Geisinger CMC hospitals all expressed extreme gratitude for the donations of medical supplies,” said Maura Smith, director of Student Health Services at Marywood University, in a news release.

With the number of new COVID-19 cases continuing to rise locally and nationwide, protective masks, gloves, gowns and goggles are in high demand and short supply.

Marywood called for all departments across campus to take inventory of their medical supplies and to collect those items for even distribution to the area’s hospitals. Items donated include boxes of gloves, N95 face masks, disposable gowns, masks with face shields, disposable lab coats, surgical masks and hand sanitizer.

Additionally, Joy Hughes, director of the Respiratory Therapy program at Marywood University, reached out to local hospitals to offer the university’s supply of ventilators, as well as her professional clinical services to perform screenings and take care of floor patients, if necessary.

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