Maria Sherwood believes in working smarter not harder.

As the vice-president and finance manager at Sherwood Freightliner and Western Star Inc., she is responsible for overseeing all the F&I in the sales department and is in charge of the continuous improvement events.

As an Elite Support certified dealer for Freightliner and Western Star, Sherwood Freightliner is committed to continuous improvement within their dealership to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

Sherwood got into the business as a fluke. A graduate of Tunkhannock High School, she earned her bachelor degree from Wake Forest University and her master’s degree from Penn State.

“When I graduated from college with a communication and theater degree, I envisioned myself working at the travel channel,” she said. While waiting for that dream to materialize, she began working for her father to “just help him out”, and 18 years later is still there, she admits while laughing. “Turns out I had a real skill with paperwork and people alike. I really enjoy the everyday challenges, making things more efficient and celebrating successes, like the quarterly safety lunches we have and we have celebrated four years accident-free,” she noted.

Sherwood credits her dad, Don Sherwood, for teaching her both how to navigate the dealership world and more importantly manage the human resources end of it. “The pandemic has made the job force more important than ever and our company is laser-focused on retaining and building the current talent we have,” she explains, and with less and less people entering the industry, training and supporting the employees is more crucial for survival, especially with three different stores located in NEPA.

In her spare time Sherwood enjoying spending time with family and travelling. She has a rescue dog named, Bucky, that goes to work with her every day, and as she says, is probably the most popular entity at work.

Sherwood is part of the third-generation automotive business at Sherwood.

She attributes her success to a great team at work at Sherwood Freightliner & Western Star Inc. “Make sure people know they are valued and appreciated,” she notes.

She is a member if the Wyoming County board of directors serving as vice-chairman and a fundraising liaison for Tunkhannock Public Library.

Sherwood Freightliner was named PA truck dealer of the year in 2014.

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