Kimeth N. Robinson

Kimeth N. Robinson believes that everything happens for a reason.

As a certified medical assistant and practice manager at the Wright Center for Community Health she is responsible to manage and support all staff of every department in the clinic on a daily basis.

“I am responsible for making sure that patients have all of their needs met within reason at the time of their visit. Anything that cannot be accomplished during their visit I make sure the correct staff member helps the patient to obtain those necessities,” she notes.

She is also responsible for maintaining the schedules of all the physicians and residents in the clinic, along with maintaining the patients’ schedules daily, and making sure that all staff including physicians keep up with their certifications, licensing and accreditations.

Unsure of a career path early on, the young woman worked in the retail and medical fields for many years separately and simultaneously. Around 2003, her interest in healthcare increased. She obtained a certification in phlebotomy. When she moved to Pennsylvania in 2004 with intentions of working in healthcare, life had different plans. She returned to retail for more flexible hours having had her fifth child.

Several years later she returned to healthcare at A.R.C. of NEPA. “This was a fulfilling job but still not what I wanted. I decided to go back to school to become a medical assistant,” she explained. She attended McCann School of Business, and obtained her associates degree along with her certification while working full-time at A.R.C. and part-time for Stafursky Transportation driving a school bus, also while raising her children who were active in multiple sports

She performed her externship with the Wright Center and I loved it.

“I loved the staff that was training me. They were a wonderful group of women. I learned so much from them and they made me want to work for the center,” she noted.

As her externship was coming to an end, she knew what she wanted to do and applied and obtained the medical assistant position there. Two years later she was promoted to a medical assistant II and the medical assistant/scribe to Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak, the CEO and President of the center.

Following that promotion, Robinson became the Luzerne County medical assistant manager while she continued as Dr Thomas’s medical assistant and scribe. She became the practice manager of the Luzerne County Kingston office and assisted with the Wilkes-Barre clinic.

Her mother, a teacher in New Jersey, and Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak. are two strong women in her life who she is inspired by their strength and courage.

Robinson attributes her success to hard work, motherhood, self-determination and support from her family, coworkers.

Her parents, children, extended family and coworkers have all been a great support to her. “I have coworkers that I consider family and I love them for all the support they have given to me,” she noted.

Robinson is active in supporting breast cancer awareness as her grandmother passed away from breast cancer when she was only 12 years old. She also supports Autism awareness because of her son who is on the Autism spectrum.

She has served as the former president of the Valley View Bulldogs Pee Wee football and served summer lunches and donated food for Valley View football doubles summer sessions.

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