Josh Balz knows that if you do not believe in yourself then no one else will. This philosophy has led him to his many successes in his life to date.

Balz, a former member of the heavy metal band Motionless in White, owns The Strange and Unusual oddities parlor, Steamy Hallows which is a Harry Potter themed coffee shop, Batty Fang salon, and coming soon Noir bar.

He tries to create an experience for the community that ventures outside the realm of what they are used to in their everyday lives.

“Our local community is great, but there tends to be a lack of space for people that are not exactly cookie cutter. Whether it be sitting down for a latte with a group of friends in the cafe or shopping alone for a book or a piece of taxidermy, I like to develop an environment that is inviting for people that feel different; a place that they can feel at home,” he said.

He notes that so many cool and interesting people leave this area to seek some kind of refuge in other areas, specifically the nearby cities of New York and Philadelphia. He wants his businesses to make people want to stay, and to realize there is a lot of creativity happening here and many other interesting, somewhat unusual, and like-minded people exist right here in this backyard.

“It can be easy to forget that sometimes,” he said.

As the owner of such unique businesses he holds the responsibilities of being the eyes, ears, and hands of all of them.

“Whether I am out buying antiques and oddities, on the phone all day, or fixing a toilet, I always have a full day.”

He does indicate that his most important responsibility is keeping his team constantly in the loop and letting them know how valued and important they are, which is often difficult with his busy schedule.

He points out that his businesses would be lost without the team he has built over the years.

Balz never takes no for an answer. “I get an idea and I sort of obsess over it until it becomes my reality. I never let too much time exist between having a dream and making it my reality. As soon as that idea bug bites me, I really need to make it happen and nothing stops me until it does,” he explains.

He feels fortunate to be able to surround himself with people that understand and inspire him daily, and is successful because of this.

Not only has he always been fortunate enough to have support from his family, friends, and partners, but has also been incredibly lucky to have maintained full unconditional support from his fanbase.

“Without them, I do not know that I would have ended up being able to successfully try my hand at such a variety of business endeavors,” he said.

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