Joseph Thompson Grasso believes that envisioning success eventually breeds it.

“If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail,” he said. “This really comes down to what you envision will eventually become a reality, I would psyche myself out so that I could push through challenges positively and this has always worked for me in achieving anything I have done.”

As the president and managing member of Northeast Title & Tag Inc., Thompson Northeast Insurance LLC, and DOT Compliance, his responsibilities include supporting all departments throughout all the organizations which include, human resources, accounting, compliance and sales.

He also handles all negotiations concerning any type of acquisitions or leases on the company’s behalf in addition to proposing new types of services or products.

Customer relations and the management of sales teams while also working directly with customers from an insurance sale stand point and safety/compliance consulting are part of his duties.

In the community, Grasso supports small charitable organizations/causes both professionally and personally which include WNEP Feed a Friend program, Breast Cancer awareness, Jewish Discovery Center and the Lackawanna County Humane Society.

A third generation business owner, he was given the opportunity to be where he is today by his mother and grandfather who believed he could continue to carry their vision of the business and their values.

“My mother always taught me to take risk and to not always play it safe, she has always said she would rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, and my grandfather has taught me about perseverance and to always make a plan and work your plan, which are two crucial items I believe in being successful in business,” Grasso said.

He is also grateful to his colleagues who have also played a great role in his success.

“I always try to learn from everyone around me and always try to look at things from a different point of view,” he said.

Grasso holds a bachelor degree in hotel management which has prepared him for the position he now holds.

Grasso is focused in order to accomplish his many tasks, and believes in being organized and punctual on his path to success.

“Organization is important because without my notes I would forget what I was working on and what I need to follow up on and punctuality because It doesn’t take much to be on time but it speaks volumes when you are working with a client or managing a staff,” he said.

His entire family has been supportive of his endeavors and has a family full of entrepreneurs with family gatherings turning into a business meeting than a family get together.

“I have to admit I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he adds.

He is a member of ETA SIGMA DELTA Society; graduated magna cum laude; is a Certified Insurance Service Representative; Transportation Risk specialist; and a proud member of the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation.

“We are one of the largest commercial trucking agencies in Northeast Pennsylvania and have grown over 200% the past three consecutive years,” he said.

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