Life is better when you’re laughing, says Gabrielle D’Amico, executive director of communications at Wilkes University. “I just hope I have a sense of humor that brings joy to others as well,” she notes.

A proud three-time Wilkes University graduate, the young woman says spreading the word about the unique experience the institution has to offer students is truly a professional privilege.

Through some remarkably impressive colleagues, first-class publications, widespread media placements and noteworthy content across all print and digital forums, D’Amico is proud to tell the story of a great institution. “We create dynamic content featuring our incredible students, faculty, staff and alumni for a variety of print and digital channels.

“Our goal is to enhance and strengthen the reputation and prestige of Wilkes University by highlighting the success stories of our faculty, students and graduates, in the classroom and professionally,” she notes

Wilkes University has a long history of educating first-generation college students like D’Amico, and she admits that Wilkes enveloped her in the support and guidance that changed the trajectory of her life. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications and her MFA in screenwriting through the university’s Maslow creative writing program. She came on board in a professional capacity in 2007.

“It provided opportunities that I wouldn’t have experienced elsewhere and it became the place I felt most at home. I am honored that it has remained that way for the last 14 years,” she added.

She has participated in Leadership Wilkes-Barre (Leadership Northeast) and the young woman is an aspiring screenwriter who writes comedy movies. “I have been lucky enough to get eyes on my scripts and to be working with some wonderful people in the business to see them into reality. Stay tuned” she adds.

Having a variety of mentors in her life, every day she is motivated by her colleagues at Wilkes University who are so utterly committed to the students. Her 91-year-old grandmother, Ann Hewitt, has and continues to serve as a guiding light in her life. “She is as tough as nails, a notorious Penn State football fan, always on the go and has a fabulous sense of humor. She’s the strongest and most resilient person that I know,” she explains.

Her North Star and husband, Nick D’Amico, makes her dreams come true every day. “He unconditionally supports all my crazy pursuits and never lets me go hungry as he’s an excellent cook too. I am so proud to be his wife,” she noted.

The couple is also fortunate in their wonderful parents in Peter and Pamela Lamb and Edward and Nancy D’Amico; the very best siblings and the most incredible nieces and nephews and honorary nieces and nephews. “But if I’m being honest, our rescue dog Ruthie is the one who really runs our life,” she laughs.

“I am grateful every day for this life and the opportunities it has afford me,” she concluded.

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