Jeannine Luby, of Laugh to Live, uses laughter yoga and presentations filled with humor to offer uplifting and restorative programs to people of all ages and abilities.

She aims to provide people with the value of humor and laughter to help deal with the stresses of life. Luby has earned a certification of training in laughter yoga from the American School of Laughter Yoga and a certification as a laughter leader from the World Laughter Tour. Luby always wanted to help people feel good through laughter. She spreads laughter through performing improv, stand-up comedy and laughter yoga.

Originally from Scranton, Luby earned her bachelor of arts in journalism with a minor in sociology from Penn State University. She earned a master’s degree in communication arts from Marywood University while pursuing a career in marketing communications in the health care industry. Jean Luby Communicator is another business she operates and offers marketing communication services. She formed Laugh to Live in 2006 and Jeannine Luby Communicator in 2018.

Luby became interested in laughter yoga while researching the value of humor and laughter during the time of her master’s program. This is when she discovered laughter yoga, which was started in India in 1995. It is quite different from typical yoga. Laughter yoga does not use a yoga mat or poses, rather it is about breathing and playful movements. It does not rely on humor, but laughter and breathing techniques, in which everyone of all ages and abilities can participate. It provides many benefits including a boost in mood and immune system, healthier blood flow and heart and better respiratory health through breathing, clapping, laughing, and chanting. It is ideal for the workplace and conferences for ice breakers, break-out sessions and closing workshops and is a valuable investment to manage stress. Laughter is a powerful tool that brings people together and creates bonds.

Due to the pandemic, Luby has adapted her business. In-person events were rescheduled or canceled, and programs such as her World Laughter Day event had to be adapted to an online platform, such as Facebook Live. Before the pandemic, Luby traveled to clients, but now she works remotely and connects to online via social media and Zoom. Although sharing positive energy and making connections is best in-person, Luby feels that there are still opportunities to make meaningful connections through valuable online resources and outside gatherings, when done safely. Luby is also creating more video content to better serve both her Laugh to Live clients, as well as her marketing communications clients.

Luby says the the best part of her job is knowing that the laughter she generates makes people feel good and helps them forget their worries, even for a short time. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, she says the flexibility and freedom is a huge perk. By setting her own hours and operating in a way that honors her personal values and goals, Luby can enjoy aspects of both her personal and professional life. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking and running. Along with her background in health care, Luby has a personal investment in wellness through her love of running. Both the physical and mental health benefits of running have helped Luby manage stress and anxiety. Luby has completed two full marathons, 11 half-marathons, and 5ks and trail races.

To aspiring women entrepreneurs, Luby offers the advice to evaluate where you are in life and plan appropriately. While considering the risks and sacrifices that come with starting a new business, it is important to choose a path that is fueled by passion, so you are more motivated to continue the journey. Luby also mentions to lean on any friends and family who are willing and able to help. Finally, she emphasizes to not let fear stop you.

Emilee Barrett and Hollyann Serp are interns at The University of Scranton Women’s Entrepreneurship Center.