Who does not love a cute, personable, small business that makes you feel right at home?

Entrepreneur Kristy Jamison, the founder of Itty-Bitty City Sprouts, made it her mission to do just that. The startup nursey located in Scranton, offers succulents and fruit and vegetable seedlings. She operates her business out of her home with the help of her daughter, Raelynn.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jamison’s path was far from linear. After studying graphic design at Marywood College, she worked in an office for nine years. In 2016, she became a mother and put her career on hold. She decided to work for herself full-time. COVID-19 stifled the development of her venture, small business branding. Eventually, her clients shut their doors.

Following the 2020 lockdown, many business did not reopen. In January, Jamison began planting her own garden and created a Facebook and Instagram page to keep others updated on her garden’s growth. To her surprise, she gained a following. Before she knew it, people inquired about purchasing her plants. Her hobby became more popular than she anticipated; it was now a source of income. With the growing popularity of her garden, she embraced the unknown.

As a child, Jamison developed a love for gardening, which continued to flourish and is now her professional focus. Since moving into her new home, she prides herself in growing fresh food. Nurturing a personal garden gives her inspiration for her business.

Her Scranton home served her for the time-being, but with increased demand for her plants, she is seeking a suitable retail space. She wants to expand her business physically and aspires to offer more. She plans on working to help lower-income families improve nutrition. Some children, do not receive proper nutrition. It is important to Jamison tp do her part in helping to eliminate the nutrition gap. She believes in educating people on proper nutrition and hopes to give families the confidence to grow their own food. She plans to provide kids with necessary materials to grow gardens and educate friends. Ultimately, she strives to make nutritious foods readily available for her community.

Her daughter is by far her number one cheerleader and always eager to lend a hand. Jamison teaches her daughter about gardening and how to grow her own food. Operating a business from home comes with unique challenges. Jamison faces the challenge of relocating her plants indoors due to weather conditions and outdoors for growth. Aside from the lack of space and functionality, people have interest in seeing her products in person. With the anticipation of expanding business, she looks forward to giving people a renewed sense of confidence to grow nutritious food.

She offered some wisdom to anyone chasing their dream: “It is a scary thing taking a leap of faith and having the confidence in yourself to succeed. The unknown is scary.”

She believes in having the confidence to “just do it.” According to Jamison, “everyone experiences the unknown and should never feel alone. You can always find support somewhere.”

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