Business is a year-round buzz on Main Street in Moscow.

The Beehive, an elegant yet cozy home decor and gifts studio, brings new meaning to the world of interior design and decorating. Upon entering the studio, customers are greeted by unique and exceptional items that would scarcely be found at your nearest chain stores. These gifts are offered to customers at reasonable prices.

What makes this establishment like no other are the personal consultations from the queen bee and owner herself, Heather Baldauff. A school teacher of 25 years, and mom to three sons, Baldauff discovered that she didn’t have to travel too far to find her passion.

Decorating homes is her true talent. Supported by friends and family, she finally decided to open up the studio of her dreams and share her aptitude for design. The symbol of the beehive represents resilience and achieving what you never thought you could.

Dedicating her weekends and time between school, Baldauff narrowed down vendors, smoothing out the details of her newly opened business. She strives to provide instant joy for others. “I just want women to be in love with their spaces,” she says, “love where you have to be.” The Beehive is not just a shelf of trinkets and miscellaneous goods but an experience for anyone looking to redecorate a home. Baldauff creates an exclusive feel at the Beehive by offering three different levels of visionary consultation.

Using her keen eye for home ambiance and decor arrangements, she helps women to brainstorm, pick out items or transform their living spaces. With the help of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Scranton, she continues to show her students and her sons that by giving 100% to things you truly love, anyone can BEE spectacular.

As a newly established entrepreneur Baldauff has big plans for the future of her studio. She would love to expand her storefront and expand into an endless range of products. Baldauff hopes tp be able to share all of the resources she used to start her business with women looking to pursue their own passions. Baldauff wants women to come together and collaborate, share their decoration ideas and support one another on their entrepreneurial journeys.

For those looking to follow her footsteps, she recommends doing research, taking time and going for it. As she flies to the top, Heather says with confidence, “Why not? Pursue what you really love.”