Name: Dr. Catherine Harrington

Age: 62

Title: Owner

Company: COH Mental Health Wellness

Address: 102 Lilac Lane Suite B, Scranton

Dr. Catherine Harrington attributes the success in her business to the passion she has in caring for others. “I feel I was blessed with an intuition that allows me to relate to people and help them live their healthiest life and to find the best version of themselves,” she explains, “I try to empower my clients to believe they can.”

As the owner of COH Mental Health Wellness business, she is responsible for opening the first psychiatric nurse practitioner practice in NEPA. She is a holistic practitioner that encompasses body, mind, and spirit and provides clients with education, medication management, and psychotherapy on their way to wellness.

Having always dedicated her life to helping others, she began coaching girls basketball and was president of the girls Catholic League. She is currently involved in the East Mountain Residence Association, volunteers with the American Cancer Society during Daffodil Days, and more recently has volunteered at the Edward Leahy Clinic for the Uninsured.

Harrington has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, beginning her career as a bedside nurse with elderly population. She went on to receive a master of nursing as a clinical nurse specialist in gerontology and began to teach nursing in a clinical setting. “It was then I realized my love of teaching future nurses and sharing my passion,” she noted.

She received her doctorate in nursing and began teaching full time for over 20 years at various psychiatric facilities. She returned then earned her second masters in psychiatric nursing as a Nurse Practitioner. “While working in various setting I realized I needed to be able to spend more time with my patients and I wanted to make a difference in my own community so I opened my own practice to provide the time I believe is needed for each patient. COH Mental Health Wellness was born in November 2019,” she said

Having mentors over her life her first was her mother, Ann Manley Osborne. “She was an RN and held a great passion of caring for others,” she said. Her four sisters and five brothers truly taught Harrington the meaning of sharing and being there to help others. Her oldest sister, Dr. Patricia Hannon, has always been a mentor in psychiatric nursing. Her father, Tom Osborne, taught her about the simple pleasures in life, the value of humor and most importantly the gift of family. She also has many friends since grade school who have also helped her along the way with their great support.

She has lived by a philosophy of never giving up, to live life with passion and gratitude, to fill a need to help the cause, and most importantly, a belief in a Higher Power who will help overcome any obstacle in life.

She and her husband, Jack, who has been of great support to her during most of her life, have four daughters, four amazing sons-in-law; and 12 beautiful grandchildren. “I am so blessed to have all of them within walking distance from my home,” she acknowledges.

Most recently she has had the pleasure of aiding her late uncle and godfather, Patrick Manley. “I realize he came into my life when I needed him as I was opening my business. It is ironic because he often said that I came into his life when he most needed me. I hold a feeling of gratitude for being blessed with the gift of love…for me and from me,” she notes.

She was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau; received a faculty award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Scranton; and is a member of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse practitioners.

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