From left: Jessica Serrenti, community relations, grants, and development officer, Scranton Public Library; Scott Thomas, CEO, Scranton Public Library; Dr. Katie Leonard, president & CEO, Johnson College; Kellyn Williams, chief academic officer, Johnson College; Ashley Cease Hassenbein, academic resource officer, Johnson College.

Johnson College announced a new partnership with the Scranton Public Library, one of the six libraries in the Lackawanna County Library System. This partnership will provide Johnson College students with access to databases, free on-line tutoring and a rotating book collection that will be featured in the campus resource center.

Ashley Cease Hassenbein, academic resource officer at Johnson College, feels that the resources offered by Johnson College, paired with those offered by Scranton Public Library, will greatly increase opportunities for research. Students will also be able to sign-up for library cards on campus or on-line and Johnson College will also be added as a stop for the Bookmobile.

In addition, Johnson College students will have the opportunity to apply skills learned as part of their academic curriculum by performing basic maintenance on the three historic buildings that make up the Scranton Public Library.

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