stresses the importance of treating each of his customers with kindness and respect.

As chief operating officer of the family owned and operated business Accessibility Advantage, LLC (Ameriglide of PA), he is responsible for the large distributorship of Americaglide products such as wheelchairs, scooters, stair lifts, lift chairs, vertical platforms, elevators and more.

The company serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and beyond. There are two brick-and-mortar locations in Wilkes Barre and Allentown, and a sister company, PM Medical, who provides durable medical equipment in Northeastern PA.

They also launched another AmeriGlide distributorship in Pittsburgh recently.

In his spare time, he learns about new accessibility technologies and tries to serve the disabled community in the best way possible.

The company participates in various events/philanthropies to help those in need in the community. Last year, the company worked with the Dunmore Police National Night Out to provide complimentary wheelchair lift installation to a local young boy in need.

Mailloux earned a bachelor degree in history and physical education from the College of Idaho and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from the McGowan School of Business at Kings College.

As his family invested in the Ameriglide NEPA distributorship in 2013, he was the first employee in the new business while completing his masters degree in healthcare administration at Kings College.

Initially a small start-up stairglide company in Wilkes Barre, he and his brother would sell and install stairglides.

After becoming interested in the various technologies available to the disabled community he has been expanding the product line, markets and technical expertise to where it has grown to today with mobility scooters to luxury, custom residential and commercial elevators, and custom-built hand-controlled luxury vehicles.

His father, Peter Mailloux, has been a great mentor in his life with his years in business and investing providing invaluable insights over the years.

Jeff Sheffer, former owner of AmeriGlide, has also been a mentor over the years teaching him how to evaluate market trends and expand into new markets.

Success is multifaceted for Mailloux. “It comes from identifying a market need and providing services at the highest quality possible.

Of course, hard work and persistence are essential also,” he adds.

In addition to his father and brother, he is grateful for the support of his wife who is a great sounding board for him and is always great to bounce ideas off; and for his mom who is a workhorse and has definitely been a huge help to his family as well.

The young man is a member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors; a licensed New Jersey elevator mechanic; and a licensed Maryland accessibility lift mechanic.

He also serves as a private consultant to various other medical supply companies.

As an avid hunter he is a proud member of the Ruffed Grouse Society and the National Rifle Association.

He is a PSIAA certified ski instructor and in his past life was a NCAA skiing national champ. He still loves to ski and kayak, and notes that he met his wife through whitewater river-guiding.

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