Catherine Fox believes that even the simplest act of kindness is important in life no matter what it may be.

“Do not forget that life is short and you never know what life may bring,” said the manager of student life and veterans adviser at Lackawanna College.

The young woman is responsible for planning and implementing student activities, student-centered and leadership events, and programming, with special emphasis on community service, service learning, and veteran’s outreach.

Throughout her life, she worked for her father at his different businesses: Foxy’s, William’s Bakery, Red Barn Collectibles and National Pastry Bake Shop, and learned that hard work pays. Fox graduated from the Scranton School District and the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Giving birth to her daughter, Hayleigh, 9, when she was a junior at the University of Scranton, she graduated and went on to attend Lackawanna College unsure of her end goal. She is very grateful to Dan LaMagna for having faith in her and allowing her to begin her career under his leadership. She soon became an adjunct professor, teaching psychology, and then into her current role. Her son, Jackson, was born in 2020.

Her mentors include Katie Gilmartin, Jill Murray and Rosemary Broderick, to whom she is grateful for their support and leadership.

The young woman acknowledges that she would not be where she is today without the help and support of her dedicated parents. Her fondest memories of growing up are working with her father at his bakery and antique store. “My dad is the hardest worker I know, and would give the shirt off his back for anyone,” she noted. Both of her parents, William and the late Cynthia, led by example and always taught her to put her children and family first reinforcing to her that family is everything.

Her five siblings- Courtney, Candace, Billy, Crystal and Eddie have always encouraged her in everything she does. Her daughter and son are always there by her side, whether for a volunteer event or meeting. “They sure have been getting a lot of experience very young. My daughter helped me with my school board campaign by knocking on doors and working the polls. I hope these experiences help her see that when she is older that she can do anything that she puts her mind to,” she notes. Her fiancé, Jourdan, is always willing to help in every way needed. “Whether it is taking care of the kids late at night while I have a meeting, or helping me with things after a long day, he is always there for me” she explains.

She is also the vice-president of the Scranton School Board, elected in 2019, and a board member for Day Nursery Association in Scranton.

Fox has been active with the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals and a member of the Veterans Resource Coalition, and the PSBA Innovation and Policy Institute.

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