If you are on staff or a client at CIP Rehabilitation then you are family is the philosophy Anthony Cipoletti, managing partner and an occupational therapist, lives by.

CIP rehabilitation is a place where people love to work, where patients want to go for therapy and where patients and therapists actually see positive results and improve their quality of lives which is the most rewarding result of all.

Anthony Cipoletti is responsible for the treatment of patients as a therapist and the day-to-day task of running a successful rehabilitation practice that has grown exponentially.

He is also instrumental in growing the company’s brand as well as the policies and procedures which are the foundation of how the company operates day to day.

The businessman attended Utica college now Utica University, and knew he wanted to enter the healthcare field and began in occupational therapy in the accelerated program, completing his master’s degree in five years.

He first considered a career path to completing fellowship than becoming a certified hand specialist, and starting his own practice was his first vision.

But a family friend, took him under his wing and introduced him to an outpatient therapy company where his dream began of entering into business with his brother.

His father has been his first and greatest mentor who taught him the importance of education and school, to work hard and to aways do things the right way.

“It takes a long time to build your reputation and a second to ruin it so always do things the right way,” he explained.

A former employer, Jeff, taught the young man the business side of therapy and educated him of the ins and outs of actually being recognized as a proper therapy company.

His older brother Rich, also his partner in CIP Rehab, helped him improve in areas of weakness and attributes their business’ success to them complementing one another in the field.

The occupational therapist also attributes his success hard work, persistence and dedication to being successful. The brothers are willing to fill any role that needs to be filled in the company, are open to constructive criticism and always willing to learn to better ourselves in order to better the company.

The business has grown from just him and his brother in three buildings, to 32 full/part time employees across six counties in 25 facilities with two clinic locations. This has all been accomplished in just four short years and CIP rehab is still actively growing.

His wife has been extremely supportive of Cipoletti’s dream of owning his own company and being his own boss.

“It is safe to say that CIP Rehab would not be here without my wife and I feel very blessed to have her in my life,” he noted. The couple resides in Allentown with their newborn son, Anthony, and dog, Barkely.

The company received the best occupational therapy award in the Back Mountain, and is the fastest growing therapy company in NEPA.

CIP Rehabilitation Inc. provides a plethora of services to all the communities in which it services including physical, occupational, speech therapy and pelvic floor therapies.

Other ancillary services include health screens, senior fit club, entertainment, adaptive medical equipment fitting and training; fitness programs, home modifications and adaptations. These are provided in 25 assisted living facilities/personal care homes and senior apartments in NEPA with two brick and mortar outpatient clinics.

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