Alec Ryncavage can be found writing code by day at his company, Cybiot, as the founder and CEO.

By night, Alec Ryncavage can be found establishing public policy in his political position as councilman in the borough of Plymouth.

The Wilkes Barre-based software technology startup he founded is building the equipment-less future of cybersecurity.

“By replacing network security engineers and equipment, we make it affordable and simple for businesses, storefronts, and offices who cannot hire a team of network engineers or purchase enterprise-grade hardware to be protected against the cyberattacks that target them,” he said. “We want organizations to adopt solutions before they are hacked, not after.”

Outside of his business, Ryncavage is known for his 2019 hometown political bid where he was elected at 18, not being old enough to cast a ballot for himself at the time of his announcement.

As a councilman for Plymouth Borough, he leads Main Street revitalization and grant writing.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was named to the Luzerne County COVID-19 Crisis Management Team and the local government sub-committee by County Manager David Pedri to handle the strategic distribution of knowledge and resources across 76-county municipalities.

The start-ups presence in NEPA is unique for a technology offering of its kind thus it is oftentimes dismissed, the founder explains.

As the founder, it is his job to provide the vision for the company’s growth, but he is also the technical lead and ultimately the first and last salesman.

All of Ryncavage’s investors have doubled as his mentors and include his father Dave Ryncavage Sr.; Michael Plaksin, his first outside investor; Ed Groth and Stacy Acri, his 9th-grade homeroom teacher and his wife; and the team from 1517 Fund, a California venture capital fund.

He attributes his success to being able to overcome adversity and break down walls.

“I love being the underdog and overcoming the public’s preconceptions,” he said.

In business, that includes telling investors why they should take a risk on a college opt-out teenager from a place few have heard of, and in politics that was telling the residents of Plymouth how he is equipped for the job serving them as a public official at the age of 18.

Proud to be from Northeastern PA, he makes it his mission to show people you can succeed from anywhere, and with that he is a big believer in renaissance thinking and being self-taught.

Curiosity got him to where he is today.

As a youngster, he was the yard sale and eBay entrepreneur always reselling his toys or taking apart computers and putting the pieces online. Since the age of 14 he has been studying cybersecurity solutions with the support and urging of his father to create his own company, along with his mother who has always encouraged him to be the best he could be.

He has received the Citizens’ Voice Amazing Kids award and the TecBridge NEPA Business Plan competition winner.

Cybiot has recently been named the first investment part of a program coined “The Invisible College.” This program features un-credentialed young people working outside of tracked institutions.

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