The trends toward the regional economy in the Pocono-Northeast have been sharply defined by distribution and warehousing, but also by diversity in economic activity in recent years.

However, the Centerpoint properties, developed by Rob Mericle point to the continuing role of investment and development in warehousing in a concentrated geographic area near Pitts ton. This sector includes employment facilities that focused on local and national scope. In the ongoing growth of such facilities, there appears to be a national trend which led by Amazon, but includes other economic adjustments led by the pandemic, working at home, e-commerce generated technology, and other factors that dominate this region and others .

Online activities have soared and working is part of a new economy in American and regional life. The trend toward delivery strategies means that the type of economy in this region that started around 1970 has continued, and grown as a major consequence of our location, strategies by development agencies, and other reasons.

Amazon has changed our economic fortunes but it is not the only way this economy has raised to new levels. The question is whether this trend will continue once the pandemic softens and what drives our economic future. The commitment to marketing the region has grown as more counties join a single effort to bring in new industries and businesses.

We see the real estate market growing as well as business development while restaurants are uncertain as new pandemic variants occur. On the other hand, there probably will be more interest in warehousing and delivery settings through the near term as the economy improves. During this round of economic activity, many locations try to encourage job decisions, a totally unexpected development in the Pocono-Northeast.

This new condition has led to bonuses offered by businesses to attract employees. From a business standpoint, the word supply chain is utilized and discussed relative to other nations and what should be done regarding products and parts for economic development. Customer-based actions have become critical, no matter the topic, and that clearly impacts the economy here and elsewhere. Both the domestic and international commerce have become a key part of economic activity and development. How this relates to the economy of the future remains to be determined. However, warehousing and distribution should continue as a part of what we will experience. Here are a few ideas to consider:

— Go back to 1971 and a regional distribution center study funded by the federal Economic Development Administration. Review its findings and update it. Using new data and national and international actions, help determine what is likely to occur in coming regional years.

— Using Centerpoint as a major element, review what has transpired inside the region and develop a plan.

— Create a regional forecast for the next 20 years and review what can be accomplished relative to warehousing and distribution across the region and how that ties to other economic activities in the region

— Review what is likely will result from the pandemic economically and develop ways to meet regional needs based upon either a continuation of the pandemic process or its end.

— Study ways to improve how products are shipped in the region or to the region and enhance ways to maximize this.

— Examine how big boxes such as Walmart and others interact with the regional community and determine what these giants of commerce will be like in the 10 years or so.

— Create a regional task force on warehousing and distribution to enhance the components that make up this part of the economy.

Understanding the basic elements of the regional economy is essential to moving this region beyond current capacities to help how it will compete for economic growth. There are many sides to economic development and many regional agencies can be utilized to bring insight to our economic future. We have some of the finest talent and resources to focus attention on these topics. Much can be done to guarantee the appropriate measures of positivity in coming years.

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