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Thursday Edition | February 25, 2021

The presidential campaign revolved around Scranton. The next presidency almost certainly will not. Read more

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Top 20 Under 40

Stephanie Belcher believes everything happens for a reason and that she is right where she is supposed to be. “I love the life I live,” she ad… Read more

Having been criticized for being a perfectionist and not settling for anything but the best, Matt Williams feels that his attention to detail … Read more

The philosophy in which Katie Kemmerer lives by is simple- work hard and be kind. “When you genuinely care about the job you do and the people… Read more

Nick Argot works hard and never gives up, it is part of the philosophy he lives by in his life and has contributed to the path to his success.… Read more

Randall Yash loves a challenge and attributes his success to his mindset, expanding his knowledge base and handling tasks or challenges that a… Read more

Owen Worozbyt lives his life to the fullest. “I have built a family and career that brings me happiness. When you enjoy what you do every day … Read more

Rebecca Kenderes, Physician Assistant Certified (PA-C), is a firm believer that if you embrace positivity, good things will follow. Read more

Michael Kalage’s belief in life is to leave everything better than he found it. “I think we should all have the goal of contributing more to t… Read more

Josh Balz knows that if you do not believe in yourself then no one else will. This philosophy has led him to his many successes in his life to date. Read more

Amendolaro Gift Boutique owner Justin Amendolaro said his business doesn’t have its website up and running yet, but he and his staff are handling the challenges of the restrictive COVID-19 env… Read more